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Automatic Robot Palletizer

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Automatic Robot Palletizer

Robot palletizer is a high-tech robot of mechanical & electrical integration with optimizes structure, and its action is smooth and reliable. Robot palletizing system is completely automatic without human intervention, and it has a broad scope of application. It put the containers on the tray by a certain permutation code, and stacking automatically, and then pulls them out for the next step, packaging or forklift transported to warehouse storage. Because of its intelligent operation management, it can greatly reduce the working intensity for workers.

Production Process of automatic robot palletizer: After a series of production, products are loaded to bags through automatic weighing and packing balance, and then the shaping machine pushes them flat, making it suitable for stacking, and then push the substandard products out of production line through the metal detector, weight recheck exclude filters, and the remaining products identify the code by the inkjet printer, send then send the products away by forklift, and the packaging process completes.

Equipment components : Automatic packing scale, weighing folder bag device, pour bag machine, plastic machine, metal detector, conveyor removed, weight recheck machine, inkjet printer and its associated electrical equipment.

Applications of automatic robot palletizer: Widely used in the petrochemical, food, pharmaceutical, feed, food, non-ferrous minerals and powdery material of building industry, granular materials, and products packaged by corrugated boxes, barrel packaging and pouch.

Features of robotic palletizer:

1. The palletizing capacity of Robot Palletizer is much better than traditional palletizing machine, and it can stack higher.

2. The structure is very simple with low failure rate, easy for maintenance.

3. Low maintenance costs for the main components spare parts.

4. Low power consumption, about 1/5 of mechanical palletizer.

5. It can be set in small places, high rate of site use, and flexibility.

6. All the operations can complete by touch the screen, easy to operate.

7. The arm of palletizer robot is very flexible; one arm can handle different products in multiple production lines. When update the products, simply enter the new data, do not need to change the settings of hardware.

8. Stack type and number of layers can be arbitrarily set, stack neatly and easy for storage and transportation.

Advantage: All the production lines are automatic, and it reduces the production cost and improves the production efficiency.

Main Parameters:Palletizing capacity: 600 to 1200 bags / hour

Weighing range: 20 to 50 kg / bag

The code package Layers: 1 to 10 layers

The palletizing diameter: 5 m

Air source: 0.5 ~ 0.8Mpa

Power consumption: 380vac/220vac 50 Hz ± 10%

Power consumption: about 10kw (determined by the combination and quantity of equipment)

flow line A:

flow line B:

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